Church Office - Flood


Church Office - Flood

Update 09/11/19

All the water damage has been removed as of last Friday. We now wait on the carpet replacement process. Which could take 2 - 5 weeks.  The downstairs offices and Heritage Hall will remain closed until repairs are finished.

You can find staff in the upstairs staff offices during this time.
Please enter the church from the Courtyard doors on Brookside Blvd.



Update 08/31/19

This Sunday please use the entrances on Brookside Blvd or 178th Street as the Office/Parking Lot entrance is closed.


Update 08/28/19

The Church Office will be operating out of the upstairs staff offices for 6 - 8 weeks, or more as the flood damage is repaired and the carpet is replaced. The Work Room has moved to Brookside Room during this time.

The downstairs Offices, Heritage Hall, Work Room, office entrance from the parking lot and nearby hallways will remain closed during this time. During the week please enter from the Courtyard double doors on Brookside Blvd.

Meetings in Heritage Hall and Brookside Room have been rescheduled to different rooms. Please check with your group leader or contact Jeanne in the office to find what room you are in.

Update 08/26/19

The Church Office will be on limited operation for the remainer of the week due to flooding that occurred early Monday morning.

The downstairs offices, Heritage Hall, Work Room and nearby hallways flooded and will remain closed for the remainder of the week. The office entrance from the parking lot will also be closed.  Please enter from the Courtyard double doors on Brookside Blvd.

Jeanne and Jaime will be available in the upstairs staff offices.
For other staff please email or call first as they may be working from home.