Advent Conspiracy 2018


Advent Conspiracy 2018


 In our endeavor to

                   Worship Fully,   Spend Less,   Give More   and  Love All . . .

We are excited to be supporting two wonderful ministries that our LFPPC family has supported for a long time, and which have made a significant difference in many people’s lives.  

 As you prayerfully re-evaluate your Christmas giving this year, we hope you will consider giving to our 2018 Advent Conspiracy campaign through which we want to provide a huge blessing to
Vision House - Jacob’s Well (our local focus) and Corner of Love (our global focus). 


Vision House - Jacob’s Well
— we are raising as much as we can toward the remaining $600,000 to complete Building B debt free! This new building, which is under construction, will include 10 new apartments, an expanded child care center, and  community space.  


Corner of Love (COL)
—Nicaragua is in complete crisis as you read this. Over 528 people have been killed since April and families are  losing loved ones to exile, jail, and extra-judicial killings. More than 40,000 Nicaraguans have poured into Costa Rica in the last six months for safety from violent political turmoil. Due to its long track record of humanitarian work with the Nicaraguan population, Corner of Love is uniquely positioned to successfully assist large quantities of refugees. Prior to the socio-political crisis that broke out in April, 2018, Corner of Love worked for nearly twenty years in the Matagalpa area, where the organization has a  leadership school, hospital, dental clinic and a ten-exam-room plaza.  Since its beginnings in 2000, COL has drilled wells, built a preschool, and funded numerous construction projects, including the creation of more than 30 churches and schools.

 Corner of Love has responded to the recent crisis  by opening a Relief Center in La Cruz, Costa Rica where Nicaraguan refugees are warmly welcomed and connected with key resources in order to stay in country legally. Among the services being provided at this border-city facility are: clothing, bedding, and shoes distribution, provision of food,  medical, dental, and optical services, & refugee-direct donations of funds for bus transportation, legal services, and shelter. 

 Each day Corner of Love staff  receive new groups of desperate Nicaraguans who cross into Costa Rica. Most individuals arrive with less than 1,000 Córdoba's (equivalent to $33) and have no where to go. Corner of Love  accompanies refugees to the  Costa Rican government for processing of the required identity documents, secures initial hostel placement for migrant families, and provides numerous items like backpacks, pillows, nourishment, and more, bridging the gap to temporary housing and eventual integration into  Costa Rican society. 



Your donations to “LFPPC” with a notation of “Advent Conspiracy”
will be evenly divided between Vision House - Jacob’s Well Building B and Corner of Love .

You can donate via PushPay by selecting "Advent Conspiracy" from the Giving Type menu, 
or by check in the offering plate or to the church office.