About Us

Thanks for dropping into our virtual community! I’m glad you’re here and I’m hoping these pages will give you a snapshot of who we are, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to discover that we have much in common. We love Lake Forest Park and its people! We live here, we’re committed to its success, and we’ve found great friends here. This church community is a group of friends who have discovered that following Jesus is the best way to live life. We’re convinced that Jesus is relevant to the issues we face in an increasingly complex world, that He has something to say about how to navigate life, and when we follow His lead, we flourish. We want to be generous with this flourishing life we live, so we invite you to check us out, follow Jesus along with us, and find out for yourself how Jesus can make a difference in your life.

Click through the pages and you’ll get a sense of what we mean. Webpages are limited in what they can convey, so I’m inviting you to have a 3-D HD experience through dropping by in real-time and find out firsthand what it means to live the way Jesus promised to his followers. We’re imperfect, messy, we’re a work in progress, but we’re learning how to live the life, love God and others, and the finish is worth it. Come help us find out how to live more fully into the world God loves. When you drop in, please take a moment to let me know you’re here—I’d love to meet you and hear your story!

Jesus follower and companion on the way…