Carol Bert-Young
Jamie Henning
Barbara Kindness
Maria Meredith
Dan Moehrke
Janna Waldher

Garry Arnold
Graham Bartlett
Karen Hansen
Ruth Honour
Melvylei Johnson

George Dewey
Jeanne Durham
Mike Durham
Gail Smith

Moderator – Graham Bartlett

Neighbor to Neighbor is a program set up by the Deacons of Lake Forest Park Church to assist members of our congregation and community who find themselves in unusually difficult situation or dealing with an emergency. Services may include:

  • deliver a meal
  • help with the aftermath of a storm
  • run an errand
  • help with childcare
  • provide an extra room
  • do repair work
  • make your truck or tools available
  • provide funding to pay for any of the above
  • share any other service you feel led to offer

If you would like to be a volunteer please contact Maria Meredith (425-670-3979). If you have a need for any of these services please contact the Deacons through the church at 206.364.2712.