Past Adult Education Classes


Past Adult Education Classes


Celebration of Discipline - M3
with Dan Taflin

We will be embarking on a series of studies based on Richard Foster’s classic book, Celebration of Discipline. Each week we will look at one discipline, such as prayer, meditation, and service, and discuss how to incorporate them as regular practice into our lives as a way to draw closer to God and become more Christlike. Each week a page of material will be handed out with questions and exercises to prepare for the following week’s discussion.

The materials are available for download at

From Acts to America:
History of the Church and Reformation Theology - M1

with Pastor Frank

During our time together, we will trace the evidence for the promise of Jesus in Matthew 16:18, and we’ll discover what that means for how we wind up as followers of Jesus living out faith with a Presbyterian bent.

Class Audio: Click Here

Psalms - M3 

with Dan Taflin

 The Psalms are a beautiful, artistic expression of our yearning for connection with God. We will be studying them as expressions of various types of prayer, taking our inspiration from the Life Change study series on the Psalms by NavPress.. Each week we will look at one or two of the Psalms in detail, with additional Psalms suggested for additional study.

Study materials can be viewed and downloaded from  Click Here.

Joshua, Judges, & Ruth for Everyone - M3

with Art Scheuermann

Joshua, Judges, and Ruth tell the story of Israel during the time of the occupation of the “promised land” prior to the golden age of King David. These books are often ignored and can be difficult to read because of the extreme violence of this time in history. Over the course of 13 weeks we will be looking at these stories to extract why the Old Testament authors thought it was important to record this history, and what messages about God are there to be discovered, that can be brought forward as relevant to the modern world. We will be using John Goldingay’s  “Joshua, Judges & Ruth for Everyone” from his “Old Testament for Everyone” series as well as other biblical commentaries to interpret the meaning of these stories as written to the Hebrew people and to explore what we can learn from them about God in our modern times. 


The Sermon on the Mount: A Call to Counter-Cultural Living - M3 

with Dan Taflin
Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount is a much-beloved but little-followed prescription for living the “kingdom life” in a fallen world. Is it just a collection of high-sounding, but ultimately unrealistic ideals, or is it actually a practical guide for living? How would our lives be different if we lived this way? Decide for yourself as we study the passage together over the course of ten weeks.  

Class Documents: Click Here

A Study of 1st Corinthians
with Art Scheuermann

This 15 week study, led by Art Scheuermann, starting Nov. 17th uses the interpretation of Dr. Kenneth E. Bailey in his book "Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes" to look at Paul's letter to the Corinthians from a Middle Eastern cultural perspective. Bailey draws on his extensive studies of Arabic, Coptic, and Syriac Christian writings to interpret Paul's sometimes difficult but gem laden letter to the struggling church in Corinth and bring the meaning into 21st Century American culture. 

Dr. Kenneth E. Bailey is a Presbyterian author and lecturer in Middle Eastern New Testament Studies who spent 40 years (1955-1995) living and teaching in seminaries and institutes in Egypt, Lebanon, Jerusalem, and Cyprus. His life experiences offer a truly unique perspective to studying the scriptures. 

Class handouts available here