Children In Worship

Family Christmas Eve Service (5 PM) Children of all ages are included in this joyful service led by our children!

Come enjoy our Joyful Noise Choir as they present the Christmas Story through their delightful musicals. In addition EVERY CHILD that attends is welcome to take part in our living nativity.  Choose a costume piece (shepherd's head dress and staff, angel halo, or kingly crown) when you arrive or come dressed in costume.  We will call you up during the singing of your character's favorite Christmas carol! Praise the Lord with us! This service will be faithful and full of joy for all ages!


Every Sunday

Children are valued at LFPPC as part of the church of TODAY not just the church of TOMORROW.

Parents are valued as the front line of Christian formation in the lives of their children.

In an effort to support the Christian parenting of our families we have structured our educational and worship opportunities to support the decisions that parents make as they assess the readiness and needs of their own children.

9:00 AM Sunday School

10 AM Worship

     Kids' Worship - JAM (Jesus & Me) for Elementary aged in the Multi-Purpose Room          Chapel.

     Play and Worship for PreK & K kids in Smith Hall.

Sunday School (9 AM) is where kids

  1. learn the Bible stories in a systematic, age appropriate manner so they can understand “the big picture” of God’s interactions with and love for people
  2. become a part of a small group of caring kids and adults who get to know one another.

Regular attendance at Sunday School helps to

  • avoid a piecemeal, incomplete knowledge of the Bible
  • gives kids a chance to build trust in a Christian group where it is safe to ask questions and offer prayer requests
  • build friendships with kids from other families that are seeking to raise Christian kids
  • brings more trusted, caring, Christian adults into your children’s lives.

Kids’ Worship in the Youth Room (formerly the Multi-Purpose Room #215) is where

  1. Kids learn how to worship at an age appropriate level (active as well as quiet kids welcome)
  • Music that includes
    • Traditional hymns with words that speak to children (such as What a Friend We Have in Jesus)
    • Contemporary praise songs that communicate the joy of the Lord and/or that facilitate prayer
    • Musical offerings BY kids as their gift to the Lord. So far we have included
      • an 11 year old violinist accompanying a hymn (Amazing Grace)
      • a 12 year old pianist playing a meditative solo during prayer time
      • several 8 year old vocal solos for praise songs
  • Messages that include
    • Skits with child actors
    • Videos that show Christian artists using their drawing or claymation skills to tell God’s stories
    • Videos of children demonstrating the use of their gifts and talents for God. We also provide opportunities for our kids to do so (see d. v. and vi. below).
    • Life application stories and teachings that help kids see that God
    1. Values each and every one of us
    2. Has given us gifts that are at their best when used for Him (gifts of the mind, the body, and the heart)
    3. Understands that we are all learners
    4. Does not expect perfection but considers it perfect when we try.
    5. Will help us learn from mistakes
    6. Will never leave us
    7. Wants us to help one another both as a Christian family and in service to others.
  • Prayer Opportunities in age appropriate small groups with a consistent and caring adult leader.

  • Leadership opportunities that include
    1. Leading the Call to worship as a reader or with sign language
    2. Reading or reciting the scriptures in worship
    3. Recording Joys and Concerns in Prayer Groups
    4. Leading prayers
    5. Creating the Power Point slides that help us learn prayers and scriptures (Photos, Drawings, Clip art)
    6. Helping to make the worship banners that define our space as Holy (Set apart for a sacred purpose)
    7. Taking the offering

NOTE: Parents are always welcome at Kids’ Worship too!

2.  Kids prepare to participate in and understand Sanctuary worship

    • a. Kids’ Worship Messages include
      • The same themes (when age appropriate) as are being taught in the sermon and scripture readings in order to encourage family conversations
      • Learning about the sacraments of
        • Baptism
        • Communion or the Lord’s Supper

Note: Special Classes are offered on an annual basis for families to help parents prepare their children to participate in their first Communion and to understand baptism.

      • Understanding the symbols in the sanctuary and their meanings. (On the communion table and in the stained glass windows)
      • Understanding the church year and the purpose of focusing on Advent, Lent, Holy Week, Pentecost etc. as spiritual disciplines to honor God and deepen faith.
    • Learning the Lord’s Prayer, and other worship liturgies and songs
    • Learning how to use a Bible and find the scriptures
    • Learning the purpose behind
      • i. Prayers of Adoration and Praise and Prayers of Confession
      • ii. Reading from the Old as well as the New Testaments
      • iii. Listening to a sermon
      • iv. Taking an offering and that we offer more than money

Sanctuary Worship: children are always WELCOME to worship with their parents. Parents are encouraged to decide when the sanctuary worship experience is helpful and nurturing for their children’s faith. The worship experience and faith development of BOTH children and adults is important to us.

Note: Children’s coloring pages are always available related to the theme of worship.

In Kids’ Worship we intentionally include some of the same themes and liturgical elements that are used in Sanctuary Worship so that our children will be familiar with them and know how to meaningfully participate when they are with their parents.

Family Friendly Services are planned into each year when the format of the Sanctuary Worship is intentionally framed so that the service will be meaningful for kids as well as for adults. Family Friendly services will be intentionally included on a regular enough basis so that kids will feel comfortable and welcome in the sanctuary.

Children’s Sabbath worship services will be in the sanctuary for the entire congregation in October of each year and will be a worship service that includes child leaders. The service will have a theme that demonstrates the value of a child-like (not a childish) faith and the value of children in the community. 

For more information please contact our Director of Ministries to Children and their Families, 
Cordelia D. Scheuermann at or (206) 364-2712.