Family Activity of The Week


Family Activity of The Week

More time together is one of the blessings of social distancing, but it can also be one of the challenges.  Are you wondering what to do with all this family time?

Week of March 29-April 4th

All Ages

Kids!  We have an exciting opportunity to bless those in our community who may be alone during this time of social isolation.  Make beautiful art and send it to me (e-mail  for my home address) and I will send it out to those who would benefit from your art.  I can't wait to see what you make!  Thanks to Jim for this great idea.

Week of March 22-28.  (Scroll down to find the appropriate age group).

Age 3-5

Holy Spirit painting. 

Put on one of your favorite songs (or maybe the playlist we put together for your this week, which you can find on our website), get out a blank canvas (or a paper bag if you don't have anything as fancy as a canvas), a paint brush and some paints.  Let your child paint whatever comes to mind with no direction from you.  Then have a discussion about their work.  As they are painting, pray simple prayers for your child, blessing them in Jesus name, praying that the Holy Spirit would fill them up, praying that Jesus would reveal his great love more to your child.

-what did you paint and why?

-what feeling would you give your painting if you were to give it a feeling?

Age 5-8

Writing a letter to an elderly family member or someone who lives alone.

Have a brief discussion about how some people may be feeling isolated during this time of social distancing.  If not a family member, is there a neighbor who might be living alone or missing grandkids that they are used to seeing regularly?

Leave some space for your child to express their own feelings about this time. 

-Some people are feeling lonely right now.  If you could pick between these faces, which one would you pick to describe how you are feeling?  (you will need a print out of a feelings chart like this).  Take the time to write and mail a letter to someone you identify together (or if you don't have a writer on your hands, maybe draw them a picture?)

Age 8-11

Family Movie Night

Watch the film Queen of Katwe together (this was going to be our movie night film for 4/5th graders this month).  Here are some discussion questions you might use to have a discussion afterwards (from common sense media).

How does Phiona's day-to-day life compare with yours? 

How do the characters demonstrate empathy?

Some of the children (and some adults) get very upset when they lose. What do you do when you're faced with disappointment?