Welcome to Children's and Family Ministries!

Here's what happening with Family Ministries during this time of social distancing....

Virtual Sunday School for age 3 - 5th grade on Sundays at 9:15am on Zoom.  More information 


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LFP Children's Ministry exists to introduce and encourage children to have a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.  

In light of the coronavirus, children's ministries are currently not meeting in the building, but there are plenty of ways to connect.  Sign up here to receive Andrea's weekly newsletter.  


Resources for Parents:

Is it too early to start teaching my kids about racism?

No! The key is to educate ourselves and have age appropriate conversations with our kids. Here are some resources that might help. 

Two articles recommended by our preschool director, Melissa.

From the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) blog an article by Tasha Morrison called  "Ten Things Every Racial Bridge Builder Should Know"

Diversify your books. Books are one way that children learn about the world. You can find a list of books here.

If you are setting out on the journey of educating yourself, consider reading this book or this one.

Watch this video about Raising Compassionate Kids by Osheta Moore.

Follow someone who is farther along on the journey.

Consider joining this LFP facebook page to see how the community is engaged.

Here are two additional books that were recommended to me by members of our congregation.

1. Under Our Skin. You can find it here

2. Waking Up White. You can find it here

And one more recommended by a local pastor in the PC(USA) denomination

1. Rediscipling the White Church. You can find it here

Additional Resources for Parents:

These are excellent coloring sheets from Illustrated Children's Ministry to go along with the lectionary texts for Spring 2020. Print one out for your kids to color during the live stream service Sunday.

Another resource can be found here Together at Home is a resource from the UK, provides Sunday packs for kids and other resources to help them engage with the Bible.