WHY bring your children to church?


WHY bring your children to church?

WHY bring your children to church?

You CAN raise your children coming to church without them growing up to resent it. Coming to church can be presented to your child as a normal part of your family's life which is as important as going to school and taking care of your body.

A healthy church family experience is an essential part of raising children to know that they are loved, capable and not alone in life even when they are physically apart from us! Through the teaching of loving Christians in the family and in the church they have help to become the persons God created them to be capable of becoming by

-learning moral values (the 10 Commandments and Jesus' Greatest Commandment)

-becoming a part of a service community (caring about others)

-gaining empowerment to use their gifts in good ways as Jesus demonstrated! 

-developing resilience in the face of challenge

Where did Jesus' strength of character come from? From a consistent personal relationship with God! 

><> ><> Help reverse the trend in our society of greater dishonesty, corruption and apathy. Enrich your child's education and help them build a strong moral internal compass and backbone with the most essential nutrient: Jesus! <>< <><


Our children are a gift from God…and we have the privilege and responsibility to help them grow up with a sustaining faith and a sense of how valuable and loved they are to God and their church family!

Not every parent grew up in a Christian home and we are all at different levels of knowledge about the Bible or in our experiences of applying our faith to our lives as Christians. We are here to partner with you!

Parents are always welcome to sit in on Children's Worship, in Sunday School classes or to take adult classes to help them learn about the Bible WITH their children. All are welcome!