Worship Arts

It is our desire, in the LFPPC Worship Community, to create an environment where people could encounter God in an eternal, life-altering way. We believe that the Church is at its best when telling the unrivaled story of God in language contemporary culture can relate to and absorb, while embracing the heritage of faith that has anchored Believers through all generations. We seek to use the arts and technology to create spiritual experiences for people, communicating a message that is crystal in its clarity, relevant in its nature, and everlasting in its impact.

We have a great love for the arts and for the power they have to communicate profound truths about our amazing God. We believe that the arts have the ability to soften hearts, soothe souls, and connect people with holy God, their own sin, and their need to respond to Him. We have a deep appreciation for the arts and a commitment to seeing them flourish in the local church. We are fostering a community that connects people with truth through the awesome power of creativity and artistry.