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Fall Schedule - September 9, marks the return of our ministry year schedule which means Sunday programming begins at 9:00 am
followed by the worship service at 10:00 am. There is a change in
children’s programming:

  9:00 AM - children will meet for children’s church

10:00 AM - children will meet in their classes for Sunday school. 

       Adult education will remain at 9:00 am. 

This change reflects an increasing preference for “single segment”
programming expressed by parents who desire their children to receive Sunday school instruction during the worship segment. It also allows us to increase our seating capacity in the sanctuary - our previous schedule had it maxed out. Because we want to keep our children involved in the worshipping community, on the fourth Sunday of the month, children will begin in the worship service and be dismissed to Sunday school partway through. Thanks for making this change work so that we can continue to be accessible to the wider community we serve.