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Weekly Update 08/14/2020

Posted by Frank Baresel on


                The time is finally here! Building B at Vision House/Jacob’s Well is complete and ready for us to move our items in! We have scheduled our move-in for Saturday, August 29, starting at 10am. We will be working with the crew from Shoreline First CRC as well. Here some ways you can be part of this:  Moving: Loading the truck, carrying items upstairs to apartments #302 and #303. There is only 1 elevator. We will need some young bodies for this part.

                To refresh all of our memories, we adopted apartments with Shoreline CRC and Calvin Presbyterian:

  • Apartment 302: Two bedrooms (parent and 2-children), Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen/Bathroom
  • Apartment 303: Parent RoomAssembling: Teams to assemble furniture inside the apartments. We need to bring tools.
  • Arranging: Placing furniture and decorations, putting things away

Now in light of COVID-19, we’ll observe safety protocols, meaning that masks will be required and we will do our best to maintain distance as we work together.  This is a great opportunity for families to join in together to be vessels of blessing!   Set August 29 aside on your calendar. 

                This Sunday I’ll announce some opportunities for further engagement in the issue of racial harmony and concilition.  There will be groups forming around a couple of book discussions and one group will invest time in viewing “The Color of Compromise” video series with discussion and reflection.  We recognize that folks are at different places in this—some are just getting acquainted with the topic, so we’ll have one group that is more introductory, the video series was introduced during our 21 Day Racial Justice Challenge, so this is for folks who want to explore further, and another group will be for those who want to dive deeper into the issue of anti-racism.  The goal for all of these opportunities remains listening and learning so that we’re prepared for next steps as we sense the leading of Christ’s Spirit. And, we’ll continue to make the 21 Day Racial Justice Challenge materials available for those who would like to go through it again, or for the first time.  

                The message will be the second installment in our series exploring the spiritual formation of Jesus. If you’d like to get a head start, set aside some time to read through Deuteronomy 6, 7, 8. We won’t cover all the chapters Sunday, but it will give you the context of our study.

                Thanks for continuing to be vessels of blessing during this challenging moment in our history.  Jesus is faithfully leading us through this—let’s faithfully follow him!