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Pastor Frank E-Blast

Weekly Update - 09/11/2020

Posted by Andrea Chaumont on

As we continue to combat the coronavirus around the world, Californians are living through "the worst year of fires on the record” (New York Times). Please join us in praying for those in California, Oregon and Washington who have lost their homes, have evacuated or are suffering because of the smoke. Pray too for the firefighters who are combating these fires to be strengthened and protected as they work to put out fires.

Our theme for Jazz Vespers this Sunday is “Melting", 5pm on Facebook Jazz Vespers LFP (the team decided on a theme around Climate Change months ago). We will have a short reflection by our own Kim Herbert as well as enjoy the quality music we look forward to on a monthly basis. Please tune in and invite your friends and neighbors to participate too.
In addition, this Sunday we will be looking together at Colossians 3:1:15. The title one interpreter gave to this section in my NIV Bible is “Rules for Holy Living”, but I don’t think the title fits. Instead, I propose “New Realities, New Community” as Paul reminds the Colossians of what the Church is and how that community transforms us. I look forward to exploring this text together in worship this Sunday and then joining you for a congregational meeting afterwards. There is information on our website about how to attend the congregational meeting at 11:15am on Zoom. Please remember that only members can vote. We will be looking at the budget together, the Terms of Call for pastors and voting on the new Associate Pastor position. 
We are continuing to think of and pray for you who are juggling online school with working from home. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the Vision House “move in.” It was fun to see those pictures in worship last Sunday.
We look forward to seeing you virtually this weekend!
Grace and Peace,