Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

  • Stacie Johnson 
  • Gretchen Crouch
  • Anne Kalkbrenner 
  • Donna Bensley 
  • Paul Heffner 
  • Sean Rhodes
  • Dana Bartlett 


Update from the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

Since mid-June, your APNC has met weekly to pray and discern God’s leading for the next Associate Pastor of Lake Forest Park Church.  Starting with recommendations made to Session by the 2020 Vision team, the APNC determined ten leadership competencies the church seeks in an Associate Pastor for Families.  Recently, the team completed the Ministry Information Form (MIF), a document which provides the PCUSA, the NWC Presbytery, Session, and candidates with statistics, the vision for ministry, trends and emerging needs, goals, and specific tasks for the position.

Once the MIF has been approved, the APNC will receive resumes, interview candidate(s), select a finalist, develop the financial package and details of the call, and arrange a date for the candidate to deliver a sermon and for the congregation to vote.  The team expects to conclude the process by the end of September.           

The APNC will provide additional updates on the search in coming weeks.