Coronavirus Update


Coronavirus Update

March 11, 2020 @ 5pm

In keeping with the King County Public Health Officer’s order of March 11, 2020, all regularly scheduled activities and meetings of our church, or held in our building are cancelled at least for the remainder of March and possibly longer per the direction of public health officials.  We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes—we had hoped to remain in service to you and the broader community during this emerging situation.  However, we desire what is best for our community, and mitigating the spread of coronavirus fits within that concern, so despite our personal hopes for continued meeting, we submit to the wisdom of health care professionals and leaders who are making crucial and difficult decisions about how to curtail this emergent situation.  We continue to pray for those directly affected, those who are at risk, and those impacted by these contingencies. We remain attentive to the information being released on a daily basis and will distribute information as we have it. 

All Events/Activities Cancelled.
Below is a list of some of the events canceled but is not limited to the list below. 

Sunday Morning Service, Choir, Rotary, Office Hours, Men's Breakfast, All Youth Group Activities, Pepitas, Breathe Retreat, Newcomer Dinner, All Meetings, Bible Studies, Book Club, Sisterhood, Boy Scouts, Blood Drive, Handbell Choir.



March 4, 2020

Thanks for helping us initiate the practices listed below and being sensitive to the health concerns of at-risk populations.  Our faith community is one that welcomes all to participation, for the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ is for all people.  Because of this, we strive to make sure our community is a safe place for all, and part of that commitment in this particular moment involves reasonable caution while health specialists work to understand coronavirus and respond to this emerging situation.  God is good and provides all that we need for the life given to us in Christ.  Let this inform our understanding, for God frees us from anxiety as we continue to trust God for the way forward in all things.

The coronavirus has captured public attention.  We’re paying close attention to the information provided us by the CDC, the WA Department of Public Health, and the King County Public Health Office.  As a church, we’re also receiving information from the PCUSA at the national level, and at the local level from our own presbytery.  We are committed to following best practices and guidelines in preventing the spread of coronavirus within our congregation, preschool, and the larger community who use our facility.  In keeping with recommended practices, we are committed to the following:

  • If you are sick, please stay home until you have recovered. This applies to church staff, the preschool community, the congregation at large in terms of worship services, group meetings, etc., and to the community groups who use our facility for their meetings.
  • We have instructed our cleaning crew to initiate a deep clean protocol for our facility—the crew works in the public school system as well and is familiar with these standards and practices.
  • We will make hand sanitizer available in public areas—the upper foyer, the narthex, fellowship hall, the preschool entrance—please use them regularly.
  • We will have tissue boxes available in the pews for your use. Please don’t leave used tissues behind.  Stash them away for deposit in trash receptacles.
  • We will have posters in the washrooms reminding users to wash hands with soap and water.
  • We will change our snacks during the fellowship time after the morning service. We will be serving bananas, bagels, and have coffee available.  The food items will no longer be self-serve, but served by a gloved attendant.  The coffee and tea pots will remain self-serve and be wiped regularly.
  • We will no longer pass an offering plate down the pews. Instead, we will have offering plates available at the entrance and exit doors where those preferring to give this way may continue to do so as they enter or leave the sanctuary. An usher will be close by to keep the plate from walking away. As many already do, you may elect to give electronically—there are a few different ways to do this available on our website-- push pay, auto bank withdrawal, online bill pay, text "LFPPC" to 77977. These helps are published in the weekly bulletin as well.
  • We also release all from the “obligation” to shake hands. A soft fist bump, or just a friendly smile will do nicely for greeting one another.

See you Sunday—or whenever you participate in the opportunities available here!