Job Opening: Youth Director


Job Opening: Youth Director

Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church
Director of Ministry to Youth and their Families
1.0 FTE (40 hours/week)
Job Description


The role of the Director of Ministry to Youth and their Families (DMYF) is to develop and maintain a relational ministry to Middle School (MS) and High School (HS) youth with the aim of leading them to embrace and sustain a life-long commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  The DMYF will do this thru spiritual nurturing, mentoring, and engaging young people in the life and ministry of Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church (LFPPC). The scope of this ministry includes both the youth of LFPPC and of the wider local community.

Job Description:

Vision & Ministry

    1. Direct a ministry to MS and HS youth where young people are challenged to:
        a. be life-long followers of Jesus Christ
        b. grow in faith through spiritual habits, relationships, & service
        c. confidently engage the culture with the presence and message of Christ
        d. assume leadership roles within the church and the community
    2. Upon request, provide tools and support to the families of these youth so that they may assist the youth in meeting these challenges.
    3. Recruit and equip adult leaders to serve as partners in this ministry, mentors to the youth and models of a deep Christian faith.
    4. Partner with the Youth Ministry Support Team (YMST) to develop goals for the ministry, to shape direction for the ministry and to generate ideas for activities designed to deepen their Christian faith.
    5. Sustain and mentor the student leadership team and partner with the team for ministry planning.
    6. Sustain and direct a comprehensive ministry that presently includes:
        a. worship and discipleship opportunities
        b. an MS youth group and an HS youth group
        c. a student leadership team
        d. mission and service opportunities
        e. seasonal retreats that build community and foster discipleship
        f.  outreach events
    7. When desired, reach out to LFPPC youth, their friends and their families beyond the church by attending school events and community activities and by calling ministry participants when they or their families are involved in significant life events or traumas.
    8. Integrate the youth into LFPPC all-church activities so that they gain the benefit of inter-generational relationships and see themselves as an integral part of the life of LFPPC.


Administrative Responsibilities

          1. Contribute regularly to church communications, such as the weekly worship bulletin (when necessary), the church/youth website, and the church’s annual report.
          2. Design and generate appropriate communications on platforms such as email and social media to inform youth and their families of upcoming events.
          3. Secure and maintain all necessary forms, such as permission slips and medical release forms, for participants in youth activities.
          4. Update and maintain the church database to reflect accurate information pertaining to all youth ministry participants.
          5. Guide the YMST in establishing a budget for youth ministry and participate with the YMST, adult and student leaders in developing and holding fundraising activities to partially offset ministry costs.
          6. Participate in weekly staff meetings, monthly YMST meetings, regularly scheduled meetings with student and adult leaders, and, as appropriate, meetings with other youth leaders
            in the area.
          7. Participate in other required planning sessions as determined by the
            Pastor/Head of Staff (HOS).
          8. Submit required reports, such as budget, expenses, time sheets and leave requests, in a timely manner.


 Accountability and Evaluation

          1. Currently, the DMYF reports to the HOS. Projected staff re-structuring may change this to a direct report to the Associate Pastor of Family Ministry.
          2. Performance reviews will be based on this job description and annual goals
            which will be mutually established with the HOS and reviewed by the Personnel Mission Support Team (PMST).
          3. An initial performance review will be conducted by HOS after 90 days of service and held annually thereafter with the HOS. It will be reviewed by the PMST.
          4. Salary and benefits will be reviewed on an annual basis.



The DMYF will:

          1. Be a committed disciple of Jesus Christ with a mature personal faith and a Christian lifestyle modeling these traits.
          2. Have a strong sense of calling to ministry with youth.
          3. Be affable with relational skills that attract and encourage MS and HS youth.
          4. Have a strong commitment to maintain a healthy personal, spiritual and emotional well-being.
          5. Be an eager participant in the ministry team and be able also to work independently.


The DMYF will:

          1. Preferably have college-level or equivalent coursework in Youth Ministry or a related field.
          2. Be biblically grounded, familiar with reformed theology and supportive of
            PC(USA) doctrine and practices.
          3. Preferably have previous experience working with youth in a faith-based ministry.


Note: This is a full-time salaried position with benefits.  Any offer of employment is contingent upon
the successful completion of a background investigation through state and federal authorities.  Personal and professional references are required and will be contacted as part of the candidate selection process.


To Apply: Send Resume to Sandi Keuss:

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Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church
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