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An Easter Sunday Children’s Sermon (told with the aid of a magic, relighting, birthday candle.)


Have you ever seen a picture of a baby still inside it's mommy's tummy? …a  picture of a baby that hasn't even been born yet?


Use your imagination: imagine  if this baby were to say:

“Mother? I don't see any mother I don't believe there is such a thing as a “mother”! This is my world! I can suck my thumb and kick my feet. I don't believe there is such a thing as a mother.”


What would you say? Wouldn't you say

 "That's ridiculous!" You are inside of your mother! You depend on your mother for life. She completely surrounds you and ….she loves you.”


Did you know there are some people who talk about God that way? They say

“I can't see any heavenly father. This is my world I don't believe in any God!”

...and yet God surrounds our world. We live in God's world and we depend on him for our life and ….He loves us.


Let's go back to the baby for a minute.

Let’s suppose you were to say to the baby:

“You are in your Mommy’s womb to grow and develop. Someday your mother is going to want you to be born. You are going to use those legs  to crawl and to walk and then to run and you're going to open those eyes and you're going to see and open those ears to hear!


But then the baby throws a temper tantrum and says

"No! You cannot make me! If there really is such a thing as a mother then she should come down here and show herself and tell me herself. This is my world and no one can   tell me what to do! I don't want anything to change!


When Jesus was born into this world it WAS our heavenly father's coming into this world to show Himself to us so that we could see what God is like in human form. He came into this world to show us how we are to learn and grow and develop so that we can do the kinds of things that God wants us to do in this life; the things that Jesus showed us how to do.


When God came it was as though a beautiful light had been lit in a cold dark room: the kind of light that you can’t keep your eyes off of. Jesus brought light and warmth and love to everyone who got close to Him.


Unfortunately there were some bullies in Jesus time who threw not a baby size tantrum but a very grown-up sized tantrum!

“We don't believe you are God! You can't tell us what to do! This is our world and we don't want any changes!”


They hurt Jesus and even killed him. They thought they could “put His lights out.”


Our gentle, polite, patient God who didn’t give in or fight back or runaway just quietly CAME BACK.


He showed who had the power of life and He came back without anger or vengeance as if to say:


“Open your eyes. Do you see now? Whom do you believe?”


May all of us remember that we are part of God's world. He surrounds us with His love. His life is what gives us life and…….He loved us so much that he was willing to come and live, love, and even suffer in the world to show us what love is supposed to look like! God is good! Amen.




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