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Welcome to a new idea!  An interactive blog where we can share ideas on how to

See God more clearly

Love God more dearly

Follow God more nearly.

I invite you to share your own creative writings, prayers, questions and thoughts as we travel this journey together.

Journal Entry #1: Holy Week

Do you ever struggle with trying to answer this question for your children or even for yourself? I have thought about this a long time because I want kids to be able to make sense of what Jesus did at their level of understanding while also knowing that what happened at Easter is far deeper, more wonderful and more complicated than a children's explanation can ever contain.  It is vitally important for all of us to remember that the more we think and study and pray about it the more the Lord and the scriptures will reveal to us over time. A faith that isn't growing is vulnerable. 

In this vein I offer a modern parable I am working on.  If you think it would be helpful to your children please feel free to read it to them. You might want to read it without telling them that Mr. Yeshua = Jesus and see if they figure it out.  I would  love YOUR FEEDBACK on ways to improve it for I seek to be both faithful and useful to our Lord and to the dear children He has entrusted to us. 


What if a school principal and a group of bad teachers decided that from here on out every kid HAD to get perfect scores on EVERY QUESTION AND EVERY ASSIGNMENT EVERY DAY or you were going to be punished?
Would you like that?
And then what if they said that you were going to have to pass a really, really hard test at the end of each year or you were going to be 
-kicked out of your school and put in a school for bad kids
- be punished by being kicked off of all your teams, clubs and after school activities
-not be allowed to be with your friends who PASS the test anymore
-and have your name put on a list in the main hallway at school of everyone who had FAILED and therefore should not be talked to or played with because you were now considered a bad influence on the good kids.

Would you like school?
Would you be scared?
Would you be mad?
Would you try and try and try to learn all those really hard things and do everything perfectly all the time? (which is impossible.)

Then what if the best, nicest teacher in your school, (We’ll call him Mr. Yeshua) stood up to those scary people and said “This test isn’t fair and it isn’t even right! It is teaching kids things that are WRONG and won’t help them!”?

Would you say “Yay, Mr. Yeshua!”? 
Thank you for standing up for us, Mr. Yeshua!? Hosanna!?

The story is getting happier now isn’t it?

Then UNFORTUNATELY WHAT IF the Principal and the School Board turned on Mr. Yeshua and said “YOU must have cheated on YOUR teaching tests. You obviously should have failed them. We are going to take your teaching credentials away so you can never be a teacher here or in any school district in the country again and we are going to call the police and have you arrested for cheating on your exams.”
What would you think?

That’s a little bit like what was happening in Jesus time with how the Priests and Pharisees were teaching the people about God and talking about Jesus only a LOT worse.

To continue the “parable”...

Then what if Mr. Yeshua surprised everyone and offered to prove that the test was the wrong way to teach kids by taking the test for the kids even if He had to take it from the evil Principal himself?

By the way, Mr. Yeshua had told a few of His closest friends that He had actually come from the Superintendent’s own office* . He said that the Superintendent had a much better school than this one in mind.

*(the school Superintendent is God in my story, of course)

The evil Principal (I’m so glad YOU don’t have an evil Principal!) told Mr. Yeshua that He would have to stay at the school until it was time for the test because he didn’t trust him not to cheat.  Eventhough Mr. Yeshua knew that the Principal and his evil friends wanted to kill him and were planning to hurt him really badly He decided that the kids and their future were too important to do nothing. He HAD to break this bad system. If He didn’t do this they were just going to keep learning the wrong things and end up hating learning and hating the Superintendent whom Mr. Yeshua knew actually loved and deeply cared about every child and teacher at the school!

The evil Principal and his friends put Mr. Yeshua in a cold, dark, wet closet in the basement and made sure that He didn’t get any sleep or good food for days on end. They even had a gang of thugs come in and beat Him up so badly that He should have gone to the hospital! He lost a lot of blood and His writing arm was broken but He insisted He would take the test anyway!

At the end of the day that He took the test the School Board announced that Mr. Yeshua had unfortunately had a heart attack and died but that it didn’t really matter because He had failed the test and they were going to mark on His record that He was a cheater and a liar.

The kids watched in disbelief as His body was carried out on a stretcher and taken away by the funeral director.
All the students were devastated!  They had SO hoped that Mr. Yeshua was right and that He could save them from this terribly mean and unfair system.  All Spring Break they were crying and depressed and mad because they knew that when school started again the next week that it was going to be worse than ever without Mr. Yeshua there to teach them. 
On the Monday after Spring Break they came to school and GUESS WHO WAS THERE!? 
Mr. Yeshua!!

It turned out He WAS the Superintendent and He was not only ALIVE He looked better than ever! Everyone wanted to run up and hug Him and ask Him how such a miracle could happen!?

All the kids cheered and begged Mr. Yeshua to be their new Principal?  They were shocked when He told them that He was going to have to leave again and go back to working from the Superintendent’s Office! He reminded them that He had spent several years teaching the kids and the teachers who would listen how to learn and teach what was right!  He had even started His own school of 12 student teachers who were now ready to teach. Now it was going to be up to all of them to remember, to learn and to do the right things as they had seen Him do.

Superintendent Yeshua promised that His Spirit would always be with them to help them and that they would all get to be with Him again one day but that they had a job to do first.  There were still a lot of other kids and schools that needed to be shown Mr Yeshua's way and we couldn't forget about them. He blessed them all and asked them to spread out and go to all the other schools to teach kids and teachers Mr. Yeshua’s way so that all of them could also soon come and be with Mr. Yeshua forever. 

The End and.....a new beginning

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