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Weekly Update

Weekly Update - 04/17/2020

Posted by Frank Baresel on


We’ve got a great service planned for this Sunday! We had planned for this week to focus on global missions and had hoped to hold a mission fair so that you could see the various groups we partner with around the world and down the street. Obviously we can’t meet for this, but, we’re still building our service around the idea of mission and we hope to have a video from Corner of Love to include in our time together

The message text comes from Ephesians 2:1-10 if you want to read ahead. This is a great passage of scripture—many of us know certain verses within by heart. It’s one of the texts that should be included in your regular reading of scripture—there are great truths in here that we want to spend a few moments unpacking in our service Sunday.

This Sunday at 5PM you can take in our monthly Jazz Vespers service. If you haven’t had a chance to participate before, you can this weekend. You will find it here:

I know that this time of home stay is challenging for many of you—especially those who have children at home who are navigating eLearning while parents are also working from home. Remember Andrea’s helpful tip to designate a spot in your home that’s yours to be alone when you need a break from the demands of everyday activities. Grab a few moments of alone time and breathe in the grace of Christ and invite his Spirit to lead you in the day ahead. Others of us are feeling the pinch of being alone all the time, and that an be just as challenging. Remember to connect as you can with friends, family and neighbors through whatever means are available to you. If you need assistance in this, let us know—we can help.

 I’m thankful that, to my knowledge, no-one in our immediate congregation is suffering with COVID-19. That’s certainly due to the care you’re taking to be safe and healthy, and God’s grace. Again, please let us know how we can assist if things are getting sketchy for you. We can help with groceries, finances, and other resources as we can. Thank you for continuing to care for the well-being of our community as a whole by following the guidelines imposed during this time.  

Recall that our hope is not in a “what,”—vaccine, lessening of restrictions, etc. Our hope is in a “who”—Jesus Christ, whose promises to us are secured in his resurrection and who is with us all the time in every place. Continue in Him!