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Weekly Update

Weekly Update - 05/15/2020

Posted by Frank Baresel on


Happy Friday! My hope for you is that this has been a joyful week for you where you haven’t merely survived, but actually thrived in the power and presence of Christ. This is his promise to us, that even amid difficulty we will live in his peace, and, as countless Christ followers will attest, when you seek his peace, it will be found.
Gratitude is a stance that opens us up to the multiple ways God shapes us and provides for us. It shifts our perspective to God’s action and away from our own. But that doesn’t mean we’re not engaged, it’s just that we see how God is and has been at work in us and through us to bring about the plan that sets the world right. So in that posture, I want to express gratitude to God for how God has been working through you during this time:
  • for Deacons, who have been diligently staying in touch with the congregation to encourage and offer help
  • for you as a congregation, for your extreme generosity and faithfulness in giving enabling all of us to continue in service to others
  • for small group leaders, Bible study leaders, men’s and women’s groups meeting up still via Zoom and continuing the work of spiritual formation
  • for session, deacons, MST's and committees using Zoom to continue their work of managing ministry and planning for the days ahead
  • for staff members who are tapping creative energy to capture opportunities to deliver ministry and connect in a variety of ways
  • for the entire Pepitas staff working to instantly create online experiences for their students and families
  • for Zack Wigton and Bob Doolittle who are the “behind the scene” crew on Sunday morning making it possible for us to live stream worship services
  • for the Sunday crew that brings you live stream—Andrea, Kim, Jamie, and Tim
  • for volunteers who have gladly helped create video segments for portions of services over these last several weeks
  • for meal trains set in motion for families needing just that kind of help during extra challenge heaped on 
  • for members and friends who have reached out with offers of assistance
Thanks be to God for these very apparent blessings we’ve experienced. Thanks be to God for the ways we’ve been supported and blessed unknown to us, but still vital to our well-being and growth. What a privilege to serve such a people! Thank you for that opportunity!