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Weekly Update - 07/17/2020

Posted by Frank Baresel on

Happy Friday! We’re just beyond the half-way point in our 21 Day Racial Justice Challenge. I trust this is an enriching experience for those of you participating in the Challenge. It has been informative and challenging—as we work through the content of the Challenge, in the back of our minds is this tendency to determine a response: what will we do on the basis of what we’re learning? It is tempting to leap ahead to response. It’s a natural response, but I urge you to resist this temptation. Continue to absorb, to listen, to reflect, and, indeed the most urgent piece, be in conversation with Christ over this. I remind you again, that this challenge isn’t intended to shame anyone or to make one feel guilty, but to raise awareness so that we are prepared to hear how Jesus leads our response personally and together as a congregation. There will be a time to frame response in tangible terms. Now is the time to invest in understanding so that we’ll be ready for next steps.
After the morning service this Sunday, we’ll hold a congregational meeting via Zoom. The information for joining this meeting is on our website. The purpose of this meeting is to elect members of our congregation for terms of service as deacons, on session, and as members of the nominating committee. The names of those nominated are posted on our website along with a brief sketch of their history with our congregation.  Those nominated are:
Chris Bozick
Mike Durham
Jeanne Durham
Ruth Honour
Beverly Read
Jennifer Ludwig
Bob Henning
Reid Schmadeka
Graham Bartlett
Nominating Committee members
Maria Meredith
Joseph Robertson
Garry Arnold
We are grateful for these who are committing to leadership among us. Much of the service they perform in these roles is “behind-the-scenes” work, but it is vital to our continuing ministry as a congregation pursuing the mission of Jesus Christ in our community and around the world. Be in prayer about them, and for them as we come together in this meeting.
The scripture text informing our time in worship this Sunday is Mark 10:35-52 if you’d like to read ahead in preparation. This passage includes two narratives from the life of Christ. The question: what’s the relationship between them?  
Again, our congregational meeting will take the place of “Afterword” meeting on Zoom at 11:15 AM. I look forward to seeing you there!