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Weekly Update

Weekly Update - 10/20/19

Posted by Frank Baresel on


Church congregations are quirky, fascinating, exasperating, and exhilarating. Sometimes they are all these in the same moment! Perhaps you’ve experienced this too. Congregations can feel like home, but that rarely happens right away. I’ve been to congregations that reminded me of other places that have been a spiritual home to me, and I found that it was easy to attend there. Over time I noted differences between the former and the present, but that wasn’t a negative, just an observation. Because Church congregations are, in fact, a group of people who decide to follow Jesus together, they each develop a life of their own. And this is what helps them to be fascinating because how one group of Christ followers sorts out what it means to live in faith together varies from how other groups do—none are exactly alike even though they may belong to the same denomination.

Have you ever been to a church—maybe this one—where you wondered: how do they get done what they do? Does that ever cross your mind? Perhaps it’s an occupational hazard for me. If you’ve ever wondered: “how does our church do what we do?”  and it’s follow-up: “how can I be a part of this process?" this Sunday is for you. We’re taking a break from our series through the book of Hebrews to explore how we do what we do, because it isn’t always clear and we want it to be. After the service there will be a chance for you to follow up right away during the coffee and treats time on the lower level in Fellowship Hall. 

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!