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Weekly Update - 11/10/19

Posted by Andrea Chaumont on

When my mom was eight, she left Hong Kong. She had moved there when she was four, her younger brother was three, as a missionary family sent to work in hospitals. Her dad was a hospital administrator and her grandfather was a famous doctor who had lived and worked for 65 years in China, serving in hospitals and working on the development of soy products for malnourished babies. This sounds romantic, even heroic and it was - my grandmother gave up a lot to move with two small children a world away, far from family  and support systems to "mother" in a foreign culture. My great-grandfather and grandfather worked hard and made a difference in China and Hong Kong. But it wasn't just romantic and heroic, it was also messy - the hard stuff of family life didn't stay on American shores, it went all the way to Hong Kong with them and in some ways was probably exacerbated by the difficulties of living abroad.

This is a story of faith in my family - a good one, but a messy one, sometimes painful one, sometimes scary one. What stories of faith do you know?  

Hebrews 11 are the stories of faith the Jewish people knew - family stories. This Sunday we will take a closer look at these family stories and what they tell us about a life of faith.

I look forward to being in worship with you.


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