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Weekly Update

Weekly Update - 9/22/19

Posted by Frank Baresel on


You will want to be on-time for the service this Sunday—that’s all I’m going to say about that. Come find out why!

 After the service we’ll hold our annual congregational meeting. At that time we’ll receive the budget for the fiscal year and have the annual report available for review.  At this meeting I’ll also share the substance of the 2020 Vision Team’s report to session and plans for staffing in our immediate future.  We’re grateful for the input you gave to the 2020 Vision Team and I’m eager to see the team’s recommendations unfold in the weeks and months ahead!  This is the first opportunity we have to share the vision—there is more to come and we’ll continue to keep you in the loop as we move ahead. 

After the congregational meeting, Friday Food Packs will be assembled in the Garage and you’re invited to help out  this vital ministry as our local schools get underway.  The FFP team always does a terrific job of setting up the process for this and they are grateful for your participation in making this happen.  This is a tangible way to be the hands of Jesus distributing grace to people in need.  Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 25: “…I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat.” 

 Thank you for your flexibility as we continue to recover from the flood of not quite biblical proportions that has displaced our reception desk, pastor’s offices, work room, and meeting space.  Progress is being made!  A huge debt of gratitude goes out to the Buildings and Ground MST and helpers who are preparing different spaces for meeting and improving the spaces being restored.  The lower entrance by the offices remains closed.  Please use other entrances to access the building.

 By the way, Jeanne is on vacation this week and next, so the church office will be closed on Fridays.  I look forward to seeing you on time for the service this Sunday!