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Worship Life #1

Posted by Jamie Henning on

Welcome to this Moment of Worship

 Start by opening your heart to the spirit of God around you, acknowledging His presence and your hope to feel Him here with you in this moment.

Open the Eyes of My Heart 

Regardless of where you are, how things are going or how you are feeling at the moment God is unchanging and always here for us.  He is always worthy of our praise so spend a moment giving that praise to Him!


You Are Worthy of my Praise

You may be in a hard place right now. You may have feelings of sadness, grief, anger, impatience, uncertainty or fear. Those are all reasonable and justifiable feelings to have. Take a moment to express those feelings to God and acknowledge where we are right now through these songs. 

Oh My Soul

Even If

Spend some time in prayer with God expressing how you feel right now.  He may already know what’s in your heart but he always wants to hear from us personally. End your time in prayer asking God to help you lift your head from the weight of your emotions and notice His presence around you and at work in the world.  

If you can’t find your own words for prayer consider starting here:

 Lord, thank you that you daily bear my burdens. Forgive me for the times I try to carry them alone. Help me to cast my burdens onto you. To come to you daily, for instruction, for grace, for rest.  I need you to sustain me and give me the strength to carry on another day.  Thank you for enabling me to leave my burdens with you.  Not to take them back with worry and complaining. But to trust in your sustaining grace. Open my heart and my eyes to the ways you are working around me. Keep me from getting so bogged down in my own concerns that I fail to notice the joy and beauty in this time.  

As you have spent some time in conversation with God and thinking about his constant presence, I hope that you can sense His love and concern for you.  Remember where you find your hope and strength to persevere, not in earthly things that are fleeting but in the eternal love God has for you.  Spend a few minutes reflecting on this hope in song.

I Am Not Alone

You Never Let Go