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Worship Life #2

Posted by Jamie Henning on

Divine Art

I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of incredible new opportunities that have risen out of us being stuck at home. Exercise classes, art instruction, cooking lessons, live concerts, group game sessions, virtual scavenger hunts, and hundreds of church services we can “attend”.  

One such opportunity that I have seen, but have yet to take full advantage of, is touring a museum.  Many of the world’s finest museums are offering virtual tours right now.  It’s not quite the same as seeing them in person but the closest that we may ever get to some of these museums all around the world. 

If you are interested in taking one of these virtual tours here are some being offered
Virtual Museum Tours

We may be limited to the places we can go and the things we can see these days,  but we are not limited in the ways we can worship God! 

 In fact there is a great prayerful worship practice involving visual art called


 Visio Divina is the slow, thoughtful contemplation of a picture, photo, work of art, or really anything visual that invites God to speak to you in a deeper way.

Visio Divina can be done in a group with others or practiced alone. And it works for any age too – even kids can engage with this practice at their own level. 

If you are interested in learning more about this practice of prayer and worship here is a great article that will help you with the steps and give you some resources that will lead you through the practice for the first time.  Once you get familiar with the steps you can use this practice to enhance your worship-life where ever you are!

Praying With Your Eyes