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Worship Life #6

Posted by Jamie Henning on


Maybe that sounds wrong to you. Worship shouldn’t be done by rote you say. It’s not like taking your vitamins before bed or learning not to chew on your nails!  It should have passion and heart!

And yet.

One study from Duke University in 2006 found that up to 45% of all our daily behaviors are automatic.

Let me say that again: You spend 1 out of every 2 minutes doing something that you’re not even aware of.

And that’s ok. And something we can take advantage of. We can PURPOSEFULLY add habits to our life. You want to live a life of worship, then build some habits of worship. Find a way to add daily moments of acknowledging God and praising  him for all he is and does.  

Blessed Be Your Name

Easier said than done right? After too many diets and exercise programs and New Years resolutions, we all know it’s not easy to form a new habit.  Here is a tip from experts (not me).

Start small.  Start with something you already do or love. 

Listen to the radio in the car? Start listening to praise music instead. And sing along. Loud! 

Take a daily walk or run? Listen to your favorite praise music while you walk. Or better yet listen to the world around you while you acknowledge the beauty of God’s creation.  

Start your morning off with a cup of coffee? Instead of reading the news or catching up on your email, look around.  Look out the window or around your home and acknowledge the blessings you have and the great God that has given them to you. 

Spend all day staring at a computer screen answering emails or working on reports?  How about a few sticky notes to remind you. “God gave me this job and I’m good at it!” Or “Thank you God for my coworkers who are also my friends!”  Maybe a new sticky note every week.  

10,000 Reasons

Start simple, then get creative. Adding little moments of praise to your day here and there can really add up -to a life of Worship.