Jesus Christ is the leader of Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church! We do our level best to listen carefully for his voice directing our personal and collective life. We encourage everyone to discover how they best hear Jesus in their personal life, and we entrust different groups of people among us to discern the voice of Jesus leading our collective life.

Among these groups is the Session comprised of individuals chosen by the faith community who lead at the macro-level making sure that we’re remaining authentic to our call as followers of Jesus. Their primary focus is to encourage spiritual development and in so doing they constantly assess issues involving our philosophy of ministry, our vision for loving God and others, our capacity to respond to God’s call on our life, and to model what it means to consistently follow Jesus as a way of life.

Deacons are another group selected by the faith community to be engaged in meeting a wide variety of physical needs and providing a range of assistance services within the faith community and the community beyond our campus. They also model what it means to serve as Jesus and his early followers did while in their communities.

Ministry Support Teams are groups of people who meet to direct the various ministries of our church. Made up of interested folks from within the faith community, these groups plan and help carry out the objectives of ministries such as our Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, Neighborhood Outreach, Global Outreach, and Small Groups just to name a few. Some of these groups meet together on a monthly basis, some less often, but under the general oversight of the Session, these groups decide how to carry out the ministry God has given this church.

Pastor and Directors are staff members whose primary calling is to equip the people gathered into this faith community with the skills and abilities to live lives of faith in following Jesus. Theirs is a ministry of prayer, teaching, and guiding this community into deeper levels of experiencing the presence of Christ on a daily basis. They work with groups, families, and individuals in discovering how to respond to God’s lavish love for people.

Our congregation belongs to the PC(USA), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States.  Presbyterian beliefs are based in Reformed Theology tracing their roots to the Protestant Reformation, and in particular to John Calvin.