Adult Education


Adult Education

Adult Education opportunities are plentiful at Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church. Whether you are interested in our Sunday morning offerings or expanding your faith in a small group setting, we are here to guide you in your faith walk.

Last Fall, we started a 3-part series on the Kingdom of God, asking the question, "What is the Kingdom of God, and why is it important to us as followers of Jesus today?" 

  • In Part 1, we traced God's unfolding Kingdom through the timeline of the Old Testament.
  • In Part 2,  we looked at how Jesus helped us understand the unfolding Kingdom of God through His earthy ministry
  • Now, in Part 3, we will try to put our feet in the shoes of the disciplines, after Jesus’ death and resurrection, as they began to make sense of the new ways in which the Kingdom of God was unfolding and what it meant to be accompanied by God’s Spirit. 

Part 3 of this series will begin on Sunday, April 14th, at 9 am in Heritage Hall.


 Past Session Classes with Documents or Audio: Click Here