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The Bible is the foundational document of our faith and also of civil society. Our kids need to understand where the Wisdom that made democracy and servant leadership the strength of our society came from. Learning the Bible is important to understand God's enduring faithfulness to imperfect people throughout time and the incredible gift and witness of Jesus Christ who loves and equips us through the gift of the guiding Holy Spirit to become Godly leaders and helpers! We teach it from the grace filled, loving, service minded theological perspective that we believe Jesus modeled for us.  God created us out of love to love and serve one another as Jesus did.

Nursery for infants-3 year olds (Children up to age 4 can be cared for depending on parental discretion)

PreK Wee Believe in Smith Hall with Karen & Carol (Children must be potty trained)                                         

Kindergartners/1st Graders in Rm. 112 with Catherine, Kirstin,  Gretchen and Reid

2nd/3rd Graders in Rm. 110 with Adrienne, Scott, Beth & Karen D

4th/5th Graders in Rm. 209 with Donna, Jim and Karen Z.



Worship is a key habit for building and maintaining spiritual strength, growing in faith and Godly wisdom and Christian friendships. Sporadic faith building never results in as great a strength as a consistent habit. makes God really happy! Children going into 1st grade and older are encouraged to come to worship with their parents through the children's sermon after which they will be invited to come to

Kids' Worship - JAM (Jesus & Me) for 1st-5th Graders this summer in Heritage Hall downstairs with Bible lessons and songs.

PreK & K kids can be brought to "Play and Worship" at 10 AM in Smith Hall (all the way at the end of the lower education hall).

Infants up to three years old will be lovingly cared for in our nursery complex near the Welcome Center (just outside of the Sanctuary).

More Info about our Nursery


WHY bring your children to church?

It IS possible to make regular church attendance a normal part of your family life without engendering lifelong resentment.  It doesn't work and it is not faithful to wait for your child to "choose for themselves." Click HERE for ideas!



Kid Connections-Wednesdays Stay Tuned for Dates

Join us as we watch and read from CS Lewis' "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!" We will even have some "dragonish games to play as we think about how to live a life that honors God.

Bible Buddies Wednesdays
Stay Tuned for Dates

Bible Buddies is our mid-week program for kids from 2nd-5th grade in which we make memorizing scriptures fun!  Kids memorize all kinds of things from song lyrics to advertising jingles to political catch phrases. Do they have the guiding principals of Jesus pop into their minds when they face challenges or are with a friend who is sad or in trouble? Memorizing scripture makes it much more likely that THOSE words will come to mind in those situations.

We meet for 7 Wednesdays each season with our last Wednesday being prize day. (Donations appreciated!)

6:30-7:00 - we have active and silly games,songs, science experiments, magic tricks and ice breaker activities (that actually relate to the lesson!).
7:00-7:30ish - we learn the stories/facts or scriptures of the term  and
7:35ish-8:00 - we break into small groups to practice what we choose to memorize (Bible facts, scriptures, songs etc.) Each small group of 3-4 kids needs an adult to
encourage and support them and to listen to them as they earn points for prizes!


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Joyful Noise Children's Choirs

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Children 2nd-6th grade are invited to learn beautiful songs with sign language to contribute to worship!


Communion Sacrament Education:
God's Family at the Table.

This annual Sacrament Education class is to help 2nd-5th graders WITH their parents understand baptism and communion before participating in communion (or to help them better understand communion). It is offered once a year during Lent. This year's class included opportunities to learn about how Jesus transformed the Passover celebration of Moses' time to the beginning of an exciting and important New Covenant (promise) in Him! His Last Supper was the beginning of our "remembering him" by honoring and rededicating ourselves to His Word and work in our monthly celebrations of the sacrament of communion. Using clay work, coloring, guided family conversations and the making and eating of flat breads we will have deliciously important conversations about the name we have all been given through faith: Christian!

Note: Any families interested in requesting baptism for their participating children are asked to let a Pastor know ahead of time so that a more in-depth baptism education class can be included.

-Click below to access a podcast of a SERMON by Pastor Frank explaining the reformed perspective on communion and on baptism including their significance to children.

communion sermon

baptism sermon

NEW-- Pastor Frank's Bible Study and Q & A on baptism 3/23/14


-To access the sections of the Book of Order (PCUSA) on the theology and practices of the Presbyterian Church regarding children participating in communion if they have been prepared and understand click here

receiving baptism click here



Family Lending Library:

Check out Room 102 and our Church Library for parenting resources, family devotionals, Children's Bibles and kids Christian stories on videos and computer games are also available to bring the Bible into your home during the week. Children's Ministry Family Resources


The Puzzles we made as a team for the children and families of

Seattle Children's Hospital at the LFP City picnic Sept. 2017!

May You Find the STRENGTH to Face Tomorrow

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