Stop Motion Video Camp
June 28th - July 19

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Music Moves 
June 29th - July 20th

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Vacation Bible Adventure
July 24th - 28th*

Elementary: FULL

PreK: limited availability

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Lights! Camera!
Stop...Motion Video Camp!

Sign up now for a fun experiment in kids ministry!
When: Wednesday Evenings from 6:30-8 PM,
June 28 - July 19
Ages: 2nd - 6th graders (very limited enrollment*)
Cost: None

Learn How To:
1) Take and edit good digital photographs
2) Develop your own story board for a stop action video
3) Make your own video!
4) Work as a team to make a group Lego Bible Story video to be shared at LFPPC and online.

What Do I Need To Bring:
1) If you have an iPhone, a digital camera, a laptop, or a Mac with iMovie
    PLEASE bring it along for your own use.
2) It would be REALLY helpful if each kid could bring their own USB Flash Drive (8GB or larger).
3) Whatever toys you want to have star in your video.
    Note: Kids will have access to use the toys that the church owns.
4) Small Tripods

1) Kids will be asked to work between sessions on finishing their story board to plan their    photographic shots.
2) Kids may also take their flash drives home to work on their videos between classes

Who is Teaching?
Graham Bartlett (Carrie and Luke’s dad). Professionally Graham works for Bungie helping professional game designers get their ideas into game formats! He was one of the developers of the Halo and Destiny games! He will be assisted by Cordelia (unskilled but cheerful and encouraging!) Additional parent volunteers welcome!!


*Not open to the public.  Because we are just learning how to run a camp like this we would like to limit the enrollment to a very small class of students already associated with our children's ministry program and their friends.


Music Moves Summer Camp !

As promised here's the info on our newest camp offering for kids!
Music Moves: A Summer Exploration of Rhythm and Song
with Sarah Fowler

Each week will offer a fun stand alone lesson on a different type of music, so sign up for the weeks your kids can come!

Kids will be exploring

  • music through movement
  • music theory
  • note reading
  • instruments
    • barred instruments (ex. Xylophones and metallophones)
    • percussion instruments
    • chimes
    • voices

We will be meeting on Thursday June 29, July 6, July 13 and July 20 from 3 – 4:30 pm in the Choir room.
Each class will end with 20 minutes that will be open for you to come back to see what your student worked on that day.
You are welcome to come to any individual class, or all four!


When: Thursday Afternoons from 3-4:30 PM, June 29 - July 20
Ages: Going into 1st - 6th graders.
Kids going into Kindergarten may also attend WITH a parent.
7th-8th graders can also help out as mentors!
Cost: None
What Do I Need To Bring: NOTHING

Who is Teaching:
Sarah Fowler, our Choir Director and a local public school elementary music teacher, and all around terrific mom to 4 musical kids! She will be assisted by Cordelia.

 Vacation Bible Adventure:
 July 24-28*, 2017

July 24th - 27th  |  9am - 12:15pm
*Closing Program July 28th | 6pm - 8pm

Our theme is "Do Good and Seek Peace!"


NOTE: Our elementary program is FULL.  We have a few positions left in PreK only.

To Volunteer at our VBA:


NOTE: We are fully staffed.  THANK YOU!

Young people going into 6th grade in Fall 2017 may volunteer
as workshop assistants and crew guide assistants.


Time to learn God's word
and to make Christian friends!

Please REGISTER  - Click Here

What joy it is to give our kids in-depth learning to help them know and understand the Bible!

Nursery for infants-3 year olds (Children up to age 4 can be cared for depending on parental discretion)

PreK Wee Believe in Smith Hall with Karen, Carol & Joseph (Children must be potty trained)                                         

Kindergartners in Rm. 112 with Catherine, Kirstin, Suzie and Diana

1st/2nd Graders in Rm. 110 with Adrienne, Scott, Sheri and Gretchen

3rd/4th Graders in Rm. 104 with Beth, Karen D., Jim and Karen Z.

5th/6th Graders in Rm. 209 with Teresa Baresel and Donna Bensley
Very special in-depth Bible Study to help prepare kids to make their own decision to affirm their faith at the Biblical age of accountability if they are ready (12-13 years). This 2 year Preparing for Confirmation course is called "The Bible: The Story of God's Faithfulness" This year we will do an in-depth Survey of the Old Testament." Your kids will come to a beautiful understanding of God's word and faithfulness through regular participation in this important step in their faith education.


Children going into 1st grade and older are encouraged to come to worship with their parents through the children's sermon after which they will be invited to come to

Kids' Worship - JAM (Jesus & Me) for 1st-5th Graders
in the Multi-Purpose Room Youth Room upstairs with Bible lessons and songs.

PreK & K kids can be brought to "Play and Worship" at 10 AM in Smith Hall (all the way at the end of the lower education hall).

Infants up to three years old will be lovingly cared for in our nursery complex next to the Welcome Center (just outside of the Sanctuary).

More Info about our Nursery


WHY bring your children to church?

It IS possible to make regular church attendance a normal part of your family life without engendering lifelong resentment.  It doesn't work and it is not faithful to wait for your child to "choose for themselves." Click HERE for ideas!

Bible Buddies Wednesdays
- will be back in the fall!

Bible Buddies is our mid-week program for kids from 2nd-6th grade in which we make memorizing scriptures fun!  Kids memorize all kinds of things from song lyrics to advertising jingles to political catch phrases. Do they have the guiding principals of Jesus pop into their minds when they face challenges or are with a friend who is sad or in trouble? Memorizing scripture makes it much more likely that THOSE words will come to mind in those situations.

We meet for 7 Wednesdays each season with our last Wednesday being prize day. (Donations appreciated!)

From 6:30-7 we have active and silly games,songs, science experiments, magic tricks and ice breaker activities (that actually relate to the lesson!).
From 7-7:30ish we learn the stories/facts or scriptures of the term  and
from 7:35ish to 8 we break into small groups to practice what we choose to memorize (Bible facts, scriptures, songs etc.) Each small group of 3-4 kids needs an adult to
encourage and support them and to listen to them as they earn points for prizes!

This term's focus will be on learning the timeline of the Old Testament with all the major stories that help us understand how God related to an ancient people where they were with timeless stories that can help us understand one another and our need for Jesus today!


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Joyful Noise Children's Choirs

Register - Click Here

Children 2nd-6th grade are invited to learn beautiful songs with sign language to contribute to worship!



Communion Education:
God's Family at the Table.

This annual Sacrament Education class is to help 2nd-6th graders WITH their parents understand baptism and communion before participating in communion (or to help them better understand communion). It is offered once a year during Lent. This year's class included opportunities to learn about how Jesus transformed the Passover celebration of Moses' time to the beginning of an exciting and important New Covenant (promise) in Him! His Last Supper was the beginning of our "remembering him" by honoring and rededicating ourselves to His Word and work in our monthly celebrations of the sacrament of communion. Using clay work, coloring, guided family conversations and the making and eating of flat breads we will have deliciously important conversations about the name we have all been given through faith: Christian!

Note: Any families interested in requesting baptism for their participating children are asked to let Cordelia and a Pastor know ahead of time so that a more in-depth baptism education class can be included.

Please contact Cordelia with any questions. Registration for 2018 will be available in January.

Family Lending Library:

A lending library of parenting resources, family devotionals, Children's Bibles and kids Christian stories on videos and computer games are also available to bring the Bible into your home during the week. Children's Ministry Family Resources