Sunday School


Sunday School

Will our children have faith? This important question has troubled and inspired the hearts and minds of parents, teachers and scholars as long as there has been people who care about children. The Bible is the text book of Christianity.

Children can't know what they believe if they don't know what the Bible teaches.

Children can't come to a faith in Christ if they don't know Jesus, who is revealed to us through the Bible.

You would never expect your child to "decide for themselves" how and whether to eat or exercise or learn. We teach our kids about good health, nutrition, reading, writing etc. Why do we expect children to figure out if they want to believe in God or not without giving them the basic information they need from which to make their decision and without exposing them to people who believe? As parents we know we have a responsibility to lay a foundation of essential knowledge based on the the learning and experiences that have shaped us, the experts we trust, and the sources we have come to believe. If we don't feel adequate to teach our kids we find help to do so.  

At LFPPC we see ourselves as your partners in the Christian education and nurture of your child. We teach them the great covenental stories of the Bible that every literate person should know and be able to apply to life and we share with them:

What we believe

Why we believe it

And what difference it makes in our lives to believe.

God is REAL and God is GOOD.

When a child believes that they are not alone in the world and that a good God, as understood through Jesus, the Christ, will help them grow up to be strong, courageous, caring and kind, they can grow up with an inner peace and with the tools to make good decisions that will support them for life! They can grow up to value themselves as children of God having a good purpose in this world! (For more information on what we believe please see the "Belonging to God: First Catechism" sidebar.) So bring your kids to church and Sunday School and participate in reading and discussing the Bible with them.  You will be giving one another the foundation to decide: "What do I believe?" "How should I live my life?" and "What is the purpose of my living?"

Sunday School  is from 10:00am-11:25am. Children in 1st-5th grades learn the same stories at different age-appropriate levels using the "We Believe" curriculum to facilitate family conversations on what siblings have learned!

Infants up to three year olds
Nursery complex next to Welcome Center (just outside of the Sanctuary).

Pre K (3/4’s)
Lower Level in Smith Hall (all the way at the end of the hall)

Kindergarten/ 1st Grade
Lower level Room 112

2nd Grade 
Lower Level in Room 110

3rd Grade
Lower Level in Room 104

4th/5th Grade 
Upper level Rm. 209

Middle School Group (6th-8th Grade)
Youth Lounge