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Weekly Update - 07/24/2020

Posted by Frank Baresel on


Just a brief note today to let you know that we’ll be in Mark chapter 6, verses 45-51 for our message this Sunday. If you want to read ahead and prepare, you’ll find this a familiar story with parallels in the other gospels. Comparisons of parallels can be interesting because different writers are drawn to different elements of interest in the story or event. Noting the differences allows us to ponder why they are there—why was it important to one audience for this element to be included that was omitted in a parallel account? A question I sometimes ask when reading a scripture passage is: what wouldn’t we know about God, ourselves, Jesus, God’s work in the world, etc., if we didn’t have this text in our New Testament? These are ways to interact with the content of the Bible. 

Another more contemplative approach to engaging with the text, especially when it involves an event or a story, is to record the passage (or find it recorded already on an audio Bible app), and then sit comfortably, eyes closed and relaxed while you listen to the account, and imagine yourself part of the scene. You can be one of the characters in the scene or a bystander taking it in while it happens. As you enter into the scene ponder what you see, hear, feel, taste, or smell as you encounter the moment. Who is speaking? How are people responding? What outcomes are developing? What’s your experience in that moment like? Our passage for this Sunday is the perfect setting for this type of approach. Why not give it a try, and see what you might discover?

As you join us for worship this Sunday, we’ll make an important announcement about the ministry of Pepitas for the coming school year. In a nutshell, we’re suspending the ministry for this academic year for reasons having to do with the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact this is having in a variety of ways for all of us. Get the full scoop on Sunday during our announcement time. In the meantime, please lift up our Pepitas families, students, teachers, staff, and board who have labored diligently to deliver a quality bilingual preschool experience in our community. We’re grateful for them and pray God’s blessing for them as they pause this year’s program for the sake and well-being of all in our larger community. We love you Pepitas!