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Pastor Frank E-Blast

Weekly Update - 07/31/2020

Posted by Frank Baresel on


Following the worship service this Sunday morning, we’re offering a time to de-brief the 21 Day Racial Justice Challenge via Zoom. This will take the place of “Afterword” this week. Our goal during this time is to consider what we’ve learned, what we’ve heard God saying, and to reflect on next steps. We’ll get a taste of it during the morning service that should prime the pump for our later conversation.

During worship this Sunday, we’ll be sharing the Lord’s Supper together. Remember to have elements of bread and cup on hand for this, and designate someone in your household as the server for this time of worship. Our message text this week is the account of the 5000 fed as told in Matthew 14:13-21. It’s a story with which most of us are very familiar, but I want to approach this from a different angle than we’ve done before. As you read the text in preparation, what stands out to you?