Adult Education


Adult Education

Adult Education opportunities are plentiful at Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church. Whether you are interested in our Sunday morning offerings or expanding your faith in a small group setting, we are here to guide you in your faith walk.

Sunday Morning Education Classes: 9am - 9:55am

A New Adult Education class taught by Dan Taflin at 9:00 am Sundays, will begin on March 31. Miracles are foundational to the Christian faith. Jesus’ life and the lives of the Apostles were filled with miraculous events. But modern Christianity is divided as to the importance of miracles today. This class will explore the purpose of miracles and the question of their continued relevance.



Key to Class Level:

M1 = Considering, New in Christ, or less experienced in Christ
M2 = Following Christ and Growing in the life of faith
M3 = Close to Christ, moving toward a Christ-centered life of faith


 Past Session Classes with Documents or Audio: Click Here