Our mission is to send congregational resources to do the work of compassion and justice by serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people outside our local church family. We strive to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission by proclaiming the gospel of Christ, making new disciples, and addressing the needs of people both at home and abroad. As we attempt to expand the work of the Lord, we balance our support between local/regional and global concerns.

Listed below are some of the different groups supported by LFPPC:

  • Chiarelli Family Ministries
  • Corner of Love Ministries
  • Global Radio Outreach
  • India Christian Mission Center
  • North Helpline
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Pioneers
  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
  • Renewal Ministries Northwest
  • RotaCare Clinic in Lake City
  • United World Mission
  • Vessel of Love Ministries
  • Vida Outreach 
  • Vision House/Jacob's Well
  • Youth Mission to Mexico

The Global Outreach Ministry Support Team generally meets the first Tuesday of each month. 
Contact Laura and Paul Reed or Mike Young (email) for more information.

Houston Relief Mission Trip Video:


Mission Mexico 2016 Video: